Discounts Are No. 1 Enticer for Online Shoppers, Learn How to Entice with EasyAsk

A recent piece by Allison Enright for Internet Retailer shares a discovery by Rakuten Inc.  Their discovery states that “U.S. consumers cite price most often as the prime factor in choosing to make a purchase online, according to an online survey of more than 5,300 consumers in a dozen countries. 75% of U.S. respondents rank price as the most important factor, while the global average stands at 61%.  The survey included responses from consumers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Rakuten, which is based in Japan, operates marketplaces in all those countries. It is the second-largest eCommerce company in Asia, according to Internet Retailer’s Asia 500.”

With it being fairly obvious that price is so important, offering a discounted price should be the ultimate money maker… as long as your customers know you are offering discounted items.  So I sat down with Ben Rudnick, Director of Field Technical Services at EasyAsk, to discuss how a retailer could use EasyAsk to entice buyers through promotions and business rules.

Here is what he had to say:

“This price sensitivity can be used to drive sales through targeted email campaigns, sorting product results and more with EasyAsk.  For example, for a price conscious customer who buys Tools, a set of products could be selected such as “Tools on sale with discount over 60%” and with a single link from within the email, the site product search could deliver those products, sorted by decreasing discount percentage.  With EasyAsk a single campaign landing page can serve many email campaigns for the future.  The products are selected for each campaign within the EasyAsk’s Natural Language tools.  For each email campaign the link can point to the same landing page, passing the EasyAsk campaign selection as part of the search. In addition the request passed to EasyAsk could also sort by your choice of: price, margin, discount percentage, price sensitivity score and more.”

EasyAsk is more than just eCommerce Site Search and Navigation.  It’s Natural Language engine puts the power in the hands of the Merchandisers, and the examples Ben mentioned are just a few of the many ways that EasyAsk can help your eCommerce Site do its job to the best of its abilities.  Come see what else we can help you accomplish.  Visit our website or give us a call at 781-402-5641.


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