Breaking the Barrier of Low Mobile Conversion Rates

According to Goldman Sachs, global mobile commerce sales will reach $626 billion by 2018, growing nearly 5 fold from 2013. The $626 billion in global mobile commerce sales in 2018 will be just shy of the total global e-commerce sales for 2018 of $638 billion.

However, customer conversion rates on mobile smartphones are alarmingly low.  The average conversion rate on a traditional desktop is slighly over 3%.  The conversion rate on mobile smartphones is less than a third of that rate – around 1%.

Many e-commerce firms have launched mobile sites that are well designed for the display aspects of the device – they fit the size and some of the look and feel requirements.  New Responsive Design techniques have played a role in the rollout of a new generation of mobile sites.

So, where is the disconnect? Why the low conversation rates?

One major aspect overlooked in mobile site design is search and navigation.  Mobile keypads are clumsy, making it hard for shoppers to type searches.  Small screen sizes and awkward touch screens make it difficult to use the complex navigation menus offered on most e-commerce sites.  E-Commerce firms need to rethink the look, feel and functionality on their mobile commerce sites.

Please take a look at our latest video which explains this problem and offers a solution to increasing your mobile commerce conversation rates, and leaping ahead of your e-commerce competitors.




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