Andertons Music Uses EasyAsk to Help Deliver Record Online Sales Growth











We announced this morning that Andertons Music Company in the U.K. is using EasyAsk eCommerce Edition to help deliver record growth on their online site. We are thrilled we could be such a great enabler for the Andertons e-commerce site.

Andertons choose EasyAsk last year to replace their existing search technology from competitor SLI Systems. And their results once again show how natural language search, navigation and merchandising delivers better results than keyword search engines.

The Andertons site takes advantage of three very unique features of EasyAsk eCommerce Edition:

  • Search as you Type (SayT) – EasyAsk SayT delivers far beyond typical search box auto-complete providing a fantastic customer experience directly in the search box through optimized suggestions for products, categories and content as the visitor types.
  • Derived Attributes – EasyAsk’s natural language rules allowed online marketers at Andertons to create new attributes such as “beginner” products (beginner drum kits, beginner guitars, etc.) and eliminated an expensive and time-consuming process of restructuring their product catalog when they wanted new attributes.
  • Descriptive natural language search – With over 11,000 products with a wide range of categories and industry terminology, EasyAsk’s natural language search allows visitors to be far more descriptive in their search and find their products faster.

Congratulations Andertons and we look forward to even more success in the future.


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