Andertons Implements New Site Search Solution

Published by Retail Systems

By Karen Moss

Metakinetic, and EasyAsk have joined forces to implement a new site search, navigation and merchandising solution for Andertons.

The need for the solution, which replaces the previous 3rd party search software, was identified by Metakinetic as part of the ongoing strategic e-commerce consultancy that it provides to Andertons, the musicians’ No. 1 superstore.

The solution from EasyAsk, the natural language search technology and solutions leader, has been rapidly deployed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and empowers Andertons to take control of a single solution for their on-site search, navigation and merchandising functions.

Using natural language processing, the solution allows Andertons to give its website visitors an easy and intuitive way to navigate the site, helping them to easily find the product for which they are searching.

By tapping into the unstructured data used within the Andertons e-commerce website, the EasyAsk solution releases the potential of product data held within product descriptions and names, to provide visitors with highly relevant results that not only use word, phrase and attribute matching, but that have a real understanding of what the user is searching for.

Lee Anderton, managing director of Andertons, says; “We’re very pleased to have found EasyAsk. It is a solution that helps us to improve our product findability to this extent. We now have faceted navigation, which is essential when working with such a large product catalogue.”


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