The Future of Storefront is EasyAsk

Since Infor placed Storefront into ‘extended maintenance’ mode, the perception is that Storefront will no longer be enhanced. Nothing is further from the truth. EasyAsk has been the eCommerce search, merchandising and analytics engine within Storefront for over a decade and we will continue to enhance Storefront for the next decade. In fact, we’re  extending the back end Search, Navigation, Merchandising and Analytics functions with a dedicated road map for Storefront.  

  • EasyAsk provides best-in-class search within Storefront
  • Continues to develop new features and functionality for eCommerce sites
  • EasyAsk is 2 releases ahead of the majority of current Storefront users
  • Immediately provide dramatic improvements in speed and performance
  • Advanced AI search as well as advanced analytics and dashboards
  • An optimized Storefront site will drive significantly more revenue immediately
  • Additionally, our concierge service is available, which seeks to improve conversion and revenue by analyzing and tuning your system
  • Enhance the UX for Storefront, converting your dated, B2B site into an exciting, graphically advanced, responsive mobile-friendly site

We’re excited to partner with mStorefront to provide EasyAsk Direct.  Utilizing responsive design and EasyAsk’s AI/Natural Language engine, your Storefront site can instantly become one of the leading B2B and B2C sites on the market.

Click here to see how Josh used EasyAsk Studio to enhance Storefront

Features & Benefits

> Responsive to all platforms (Phone>Tablet>Desktop)

> Full suite of mobile and web services to transform your customer experience through innovative design and functionality

> Responsive Web Design (RWD) that is compatible with Google’s ‘mobile-friendly’ search algorithm updates

> Create a consistent theme with your existing brand guidelines (color palette, logos, marketing information)

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