Natural Language Powered Search for Business Intelligence


Quiri, the ground breaking natural language technology from EasyAsk Technologies, Inc. is radically changing the speed and ease of how people find and use information. Users can simply ask questions in plain English and receive accurate results on demand.

The Quiri natural language technology combines advanced linguistic processing with a deep understanding of the application data to derive the meaning of questions and deliver precise, relevant results. In simpler terms, Quiri understands the intent of the question, as well as the content of the data.

Semantic Processing

The linguistic processing capabilities help the system to understand both the question being asked and the contextual relevance of the content being used to answer the question. The solution breaks language down into its most basic elements and then phrases and normalizes the content to distill the true meaning of a given question.

The interpretive technology also provides a rich range of expression, returning the same result to identical questions asked in different ways. This allows diverse users and departments to use their own vocabularies but still get the same, accurate results. For example, the natural language engine will produce the same answer for the following questions:

• How many customers bought hardwood tables in each state
• Show the number of hardwood table customers in every state
• By state, give me a count of the customers who bought hardwood tables
• Count the hardwood table customers in each state

The Quiri natural language platform also contains built-in support for spell correction, stemming and synonyms which works around user input errors and further extends the range of expression in the application.

The linguistic processor automatically interprets and knows how to use essential information centric words such as “and”, “not” and “top”, for example:

• Which customers bought LCD televisions and Wall Mounts?
• Which customers bought LCD televisions but not extended warranties?
• What are the top 5 customers by total sales?

Rich Dictionary

At the heart of Quiri’s natural language technology is a rich dictionary. The dictionary can be taught the natural language of individual users and continuously refined, increasing the conversational abilities of the application. The dictionary can be taught to understand the meaning of other context-dependent terms such as “new”, “joined” and more:
• What are the sales of new products introduced in the last 3 months?
• Which employees joined in the last year?

Direct Data Mapping

The data-mapping engine then takes the complexity out of getting answers from the underlying data providing the most accurate and complete response possible. A high-speed in-memory index and high performance data broker enables Quiri to scale to a high volume of requests and return information quickly.


Quiri Mobile uses the natural language engine to deliver an industry leading, voice-enabled mobile applications for CRM, Sales, BI/analytics and any corporate application. This unique platform and toolset delivers the most usable interface for mobile workers, helping to increase sales and productivity.
Quiri Web Edition revolutionizes enterprise decision-making, allowing any business user anywhere across the organization to ask relevant questions of the business data, in English, and get immediate answers.

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