What makes the EasyAsk solution different from other search solutions?

The EasyAsk solution uses a natural language engine to process the user’s query. This means that EasyAsk understands the query no matter how it is entered. Consider the following 2 examples:

black mens waterproof jacket

Men’s rainproof coat in black

EasyAsk treats both of these queries as the same, recognising that “mens” and “man’s” are gender constraints, “jacket” and “coat” are synonymous (in this context), and “black” is a color attribute. EasyAsk also knows how to handle the non‐product terms in a search (such as “in” above), meaning that verbose long‐tail searches can be processed correctly:

“I’m looking for a long‐sleeved cotton top in blue for not more than $25”

The ability to handle such searches and return exactly the right products makes EasyAsk the ideal solution as more and more customers turn to voice input when shopping on Smartphones.

With tuneable relevance, term relaxation, term redefinition, search redirects, intelligent spell‐ correction and concept matching (instead of keyword matching), EasyAsk natural language search ensures the customer sees the right products every time.


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