Does the EasyAsk solution “learn” from experience?

Yes. Because EasyAsk is able to include any available data to include in its sort criteria for product ordering, businesses can choose to order products on any combination of information. This could include product view popularity, sales volume, margin, stock levels or any other information that can be made available to the EasyAsk index process. We do not recommend using just product popularity data like some of our competitors as this can simply lead to “self‐fulfilling prophecy” syndrome, where popular products are promoted and become more popular! Instead, using a combination of any data, coupled with merchandiser‐controlled business rules, provides a far more balanced approach.

In terms of automatic learning, the EasyAsk instant search facility (an advanced autocomplete system that shows products as the user types) will show the most popular searches first as the user types. This automatically evolves as the system is used and is driven by EasyAsk search analytics.


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