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Experience for yourself the benefits of the EasyAsk Direct Program, including advanced search, analytics and merchandising functionality for Storefront.

EasyAsk Direct unlocks the power of Storefront for your B2B site

What you’ll get

  • 60 days of access to the EasyAsk Direct Program
  • Preliminary evaluation of your Storefront site followed by assistance from the EasyAsk experts
  • Installation and upgrade to the latest version of EasyAsk and EasyAsk Studio
  • Training
  • Ongoing Concierge B2B Merchandising Assistance
  • Enterprise class technical support

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Jump on board and see all of the benefits of yourself.

What we’ll do together

  • Enhance the shopping experience for your customers
  • Enhance the control and understanding for your B2B website management team, allowing them to increase sales and customer satisfaction
  • Dramatically improve Speed and Performance
  • Enable advanced eCommerce features, such as Search As You Type (Autocomplete), Landing Pages, Banners, Messaging and more

We’re confident you’ll like what you see

We’ll show you what we can do in the 60 days, but you decide at the end of this time what your next step is, no strings attached.

Options for you after the trial

  • Wipe out your annual Storefront Support fees
  • Continue with EasyAsk Concierge Support
  • Benefit from ongoing upgrades and new features
  • Opt in for a fresh, responsive design for your Storefront site
  • Chart a roadmap to the future for your B2B site and business

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