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Business Edition for NetSuite


EasyAsk Business Edition for NetSuite brings the most intuitive and easy to use information access and reporting tool in the industry to the NetSuite business software.  EasyAsk Business Edition for NetSuite puts critical decision making information in the hands of every NetSuite user.

EasyAsk’s intuitive natural language interface allows users to find information from their NetSuite data by simply asking questions in everyday English.  The easy to use tools allow users to share information and reports to drive collaborative processes and decision making among your NetSuite users.

Pre-Built Business Dictionary

EasyAsk Business Edition for NetSuite contains a pre-built dictionary of key NetSuite business terms and a map to the underlying NetSuite data model enabling users to ask questions out of the box. The rich dictionary supports a variety of questions across different subjects and topics including:

  • Sales
    Forecasts, Opportunities, Quotes, Revenue, Sales Orders, Cash Sales, Unit Sales
  • Customers
    Revenue, Sales Orders, Invoices, Item Fulfillments, Payments, Returns, Refunds
  • Items
    Revenue, Sales Orders, Unit Sales, Item Fulfillments
  • Customer Service
    Support Incidents (Cases)
  • Inventory
    Items Available, On Hand, On Order
  • Marketing
    Campaign Results by Revenue, Sales Orders, Opportunities

Direct Integration Via SuiteCloud

EasyAsk Business Edition for NetSuite is directly integrated into the NetSuite environment for real-time information access and a seamless user experience.

The EasyAsk Server connects directly to the NetSuite database, mapping business terms from user questions directly to the underlying data. EasyAsk generates the underlying query interactively, and returns real-time results to the user.

EaskAsk Business Edition for NetSuite uses NetSuite SuiteScript to integrate the EasyAsk user interface into the NetSuite user environment. An EasyAsk “search box” interface and EasyAsk menus allow users to ask questions right inside the NetSuite user interface which connect to the EasyAsk server and returns the results.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

EasyAsk Business Edition for NetSuite is deployed and operated in a Software-as-a-Service model to which NetSuite customers are accustomed. This provides a cost-effective environment that requires no IT resources.

Customer instances can be provisioned and deployed quickly for rapid time to value. EasyAsk Business Edition for NetSuite also uses the SuiteCloud SuiteBundle mechanisms for fast, easy allocation of EasyAsk licenses to users.

Key Capabilities

  • Natural Language
    The EasyAsk natural language technology provides a rich, easy manner for NetSuite users to explore data and find answers. Users simply ask questions in standard, everyday language and get the results they seek.
  • Rich Business Term Dictionary
    The extensive pre-built dictionary contains supports hundreds of different questions over a large number of NetSuite business terms, providing immediate, out of the box business value.
  • Highly Productive Tools
    The EasyAsk Studio enables easy drill-down and exploration, rich charting and display options, and faciliates sharing of information between NetSuite users.
  • Direct NetSuite Integration
    EasyAsk Business Edition snaps right into the NetSuite application architecture allowing users to ask questions directly from the NetSuite user interface, and returning real-time results from the live NetSuite data.

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