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Mobile Commerce

As e-tailers expand into mobile commerce they are faced with diverging choices: a new infrastructure at twice the cost, or the same infrastructure with a poor user experience. EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile Edition eliminates this choice, allowing e-tailers to provide a unique mobile customer experience that leverages existing online commerce content and services. With EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile, e-tailers can cost-effectively expand into the growing mobile commerce market with tailored, consistent online commerce services.

A mobile presence is more than a repurposed web site. It should offer seamless integration into the mobile ecosystem and services, and make it easy for customers to interact with the retailer’s brand and share information with others.

Ensuring a seamless customer experience across all channels – web and mobile – requires a common search, navigation and merchandising platform that can span both environments. This allows a retailer to leverage existing digital infrastructure and data assets while delivering a mobile-optimized customer experience.

Superior Mobile Web Experience

EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile allows you to deliver a complete mobile experience for your customers – not just a shrunken version of your current website. It provides mobile-optimized search, navigation and merchandising services.

The EasyAsk Commerce Studio allows you to tailor product presentation, offers and other merchandising attributes for the mobile environment. The EasyAsk Search Analytics allows marketers to monitor and adjust search characteristics specifically for the mobile web.

EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile delivers optimized web pages for your mobile customers, using the powerful EasyAsk search, navigation and merchandising services. Mobile visitors are detected and automatically routed to the mobile version of your site, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

Cross Channel Search and Merchandising

EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile Edition allows retailers to quickly and cost-effectively offer a mobile presence by leveraging the powerful EasyAsk eCommerce search, navigation and merchandising into the mobile web environment.

Through its integration with existing EasyAsk eCommerce services for standard web applications, EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile gives retailers the cost efficiencies of a single search, navigation and merchandising service. Implementation is fast and easy, enabling a rapid, inexpensive expansion into mobile commerce.

Optimized For Individual Devices

EasyAsk eCommerce for Mobile contains a database of information on thousands of handsets. The platform detects the model of the phone, understands the browser type, screen size and web technology, and uniquely optimizes the user experience to the consumer handset. This database is continually updated with new handset models so your site works effectively with new models.

Full Integration

EasyAsk eCommerce for Mobile is fully integrated with the services from the main website, creating a seamless customer experience across all channels. For a complete mobile buying experience, EasyAsk eCommerce for Mobile can be integrated into back-end shopping cart and transaction services enabling the customer to complete purchases from their phone.

SaaS Delivery Model

EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile is delivered in a Software-as-a-Service model with a unique mobile commerce site. The mobile website is integrated with existing back-end website content and services, including EasyAsk eCommerce search, navigation and merchandising. Once set up, the mobile site is automatically kept up-to date with the retailer’s existing web infrastructure.

EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile Solution Architecture

EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile Solution Architecture

Features and Capabilities

  • Unique mobile website content delivery tailored to individual device types
  • Automated catalog operations that synchronize the mobile and existing online site via data feeds and web service connectors (support for both full updates and incremental updates)
  • A single search, navigation and merchandising engine for consistent and tailored merchandising over wired and mobile internet channels
  • Dynamic organization and navigation within mobile browsers
  • The ability to easily promote key offers via scrolling lists on devices with DHTML support.
  • Support rich extended product information including support for:
    • Multiple images, image zoom
    • Variable length descriptions
    • Technical characteristics
    • Multiple SKU’s per products
    • Professional and user reviews
    • Associated products
  • Automatic adaptation to handset capabilities from a database of thousands of handsets
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) product pages for the major mobile search engines.


  • Rapid Expansion to Mobile
    Customers can quickly and easily take existing online commerce sites and bring them into the mobile commerce environment.
  • Tailored Mobile Experience
    The content and services are uniquely mobile, delivering a clean, superior mobile web experience.
  • Consistent Customer Services
    A unified merchandising environment enables consistent services and treatment of customers across all channels.
  • Agile Mobile Merchandising
    The product detects mobile commerce access, enabling merchandisers to target specific mobile offers to increase conversion rates.
  • Low-cost Infrastructure
    By leveraging and using unified back-end commerce services, the product enables you to support multiple web delivery environments at the cost of one.