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Facebook Commerce

With over 150 million users in the U.S. and a captive audience spending nearly an hour each day, Facebook has tremendous untapped potential for e-retailers. But e-retailers keep asking “How do we monetize our Facebook initiatives?”

EasyAsk eCommerce Facebook Edition brings the industry-leading customer conversion power of EasyAsk to Facebook, allowing e-retailers to quickly and easily move into Facebook commerce.

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Early Facebook Solutions

First generation Facebook solutions focused around brand recognition and customer communication. But, when customers wanted to shop for products they had to leave Facebook, resulting in low conversion rates.

The Answer: EasyAsk

EasyAsk eCommerce Facebook Edition gives you the power to merchandise and sell your products directly inside Facebook allowing you to convert more Facebook users into buyers. The proven conversion power of EasyAsk natural language search and merchandising and seamless shopping cart integration are built into your Facebook site to drive more e-commerce revenue.


Unique Facebook Experience

The EasyAsk solution drops a search, navigation and merchandising capability into your Facebook site allowing customers to search and shop for products inside Facebook. It then integrates with your back-end e-commerce services to provide a seamless checkout process directly inside Facebook to speed purchases.

EasyAsk Conversion Power

EasyAsk eCommerce Facebook gives you the conversion power of EasyAsk natural language, enabling customers to find the exact product they seek in a single click.

Re-Use E-Commerce Services

EasyAsk eCommerce Facebook integrates with all your existing back-end e-commerce services, allowing you to cost-effectively expand into Facebook commerce.

Facebook Merchandising

EasyAsk’s easy to use Commerce Studio allows merchandisers to create promotions and offers unique to Facebook as well as drive consistent offers to the same users across different channels (e-commerce, mobile, Facebook).

SaaS Delivery

EasyAsk eCommerce Facebook is delivered in a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service model for cost-effective implementation and operation.