Search That Means Business


EasyAsk offers a comprehensive, reliable Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery and licensing model for both EasyAsk eCommerce Edition and EasyAsk Business Edition. The EasyAsk SaaS offering delivers your solution on a cloud-based architecture featured by:

  • Load balancing that spreads search requests over the EasyAsk cloud to ensure high performance and fat response rates.
  • Server and service redundancy that ensures the search application will continue to run in the event of hardware or software failures.
  • A secure, high performance tier 1 network for fast, reliable internet connectivity.
  • Secured, locked down systems and software that only allow customer access to the search application tools.

As part of the EasyAsk SaaS services, EasyAsk provides:

  • Constant monitoring (24×7) of the systems and software with continual diagnostics and performance analysis for rapid response to problems or incidents.
  • Continuous logging and report/analytics generation for up to the minute search statistics and reports.
  • Regular backups of the search application and product catalog data for rapid disaster recovery.
  • Nightly data feed updates and search application re-generation with the latest products and product catalog information.