Search That Means Business


Through our groundbreaking natural language software, EasyAsk® products radically change the speed and ease with which people find information on e-commerce sites and in corporate data. Simply ask a question using plain English and EasyAsk delivers the right information on demand to accelerate e-commerce purchases or facilitate faster, smarter business decisions.

E-Commerce Search and Merchandising

EasyAsk eCommerce Edition is innovative, easy-to-use, website search, navigation, and merchandising software that uses innovative natural language search technology to help companies boost online commerce revenue and strengthen relationships with customers.

With EasyAsk eCommerce Edition, online customers can find the exact products they are looking for in a single click – up to 10 times faster than keyword search and navigation. This is why Nielsen NetRatings says that sites that use EasyAsk eCommerce Edition have the highest conversion rates in the industry. EasyAsk eCommerce Edition also gives merchandisers the direct control they need to showcase their products, and turns browsers into buyers.

If you are looking for a SaaS/cloud-based offering, EasyAsk eCommerce Cloud Edition gives you the customer conversion power of EasyAsk’s industry leading e-commerce search and merchandising solution in the cloud for rapid deployment and zero administration.

EasyAsk eCommerce Edition Solutions

EasyAsk offers packaged solutions that deliver EasyAsk eCommerce edition functionality to mobile and social commerce, and integrate eCommerce Edition with leading e-commerce platforms:

  • EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile Edition delivers the industry’s best mobile e-commerce experience to quickly convert mobile shoppers into buyers.
  • EasyAsk eCommerce Facebook Edition allows you to merchandise and sell products directly inside of Facebook to convert Facebook visitors into buyers.
  • EasyAsk eCommerce Edition for Magento gives you enterprise-class e-commerce search and merchandising integrated directly inside Magento, the leading open source e-commerce platform.
  • EasyAsk eCommerce Edition for NetSuite gives you enterprise-class e-commerce search and merchandising integrated directly inside your NetSuite Ecommerce environment in an affordable, easy to implement cloud-based offering.
  • EasyAsk eCommerce Edition for Infor Storefront is the integrated search platform delivered inside of Infor ERP Storefront. Storefront customers can license the EasyAsk Commerce Studio to provide richer, easier merchandising of their products inside of Storefront.

Business Edition for Corporate Data

EasyAsk Business Edition puts information and insight from corporate data such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and more into the hands of executives and everyday business users to perform their jobs faster and more efficiently.

The intuitive natural language interface of EasyAsk lets users find information on their own by asking questions in plain English and quickly returns results to make informed business decisions without any training. EasyAsk Business Edition readily integrates with enterprise data sources, business applications, and existing reports, providing immediate value to users and unburdening your IT department by eliminating the backlog of ongoing requests for data analysis support.

EasyAsk Business Edition Solutions

EasyAsk offers a number of pre-packaged solutions for popular business applications that integrate with natural language capabilities of EasyAsk Business Edition with the target application:

  • EasyAsk Business Edition for SugarCRM is directly integrated into your SugarCRM application and business data to provide simply the easiest way for your sales, marketing, service and executive teams to find and use information inside of SugarCRM.
  • EasyAsk Business Edition for NetSuite is directly integrated into your NetSuite application and business data to provide simply the easiest way for NetSuite business users to find and use information inside of NetSuite.