Online Merchandising using Special Display Blocks Part 2

We showed in Part 1 of this blog how to use natural language rules to drive special blocks for cross-sells and up-sells.  Special display blocks are a fantastic way to drive faster sales and increase orders sizes according to the EasyAsk white paper Increasing Customer Conversion by Boosting Product Findability.

What if you’d like to go beyond the typical special display blocks such as cross-sells and up-sells?  You could special display blocks such as:

  • “Featured Items” – display of specific items the merchandisers want to promote related to the search or product on display.
  • “Top Sellers” – display of products that have the most sales related to the search or product on display.
  • “What’s New” – display of the products most recently added to the catalog that related to the search, category or product on display.
  • “On Special” – display of products that are on sale or special price related to the search, category or product on display.

These blocks help you better promote products and provide greater flexibility to show products that are more in line with the visitor’s context – what they have been looking for or looking at.

The EasyAsk Merchandising Studio provides a direct method to drive a Featured Products block with any natural language rule.  The rule dynamically finds the products to display.

For example, an apparel retailer might want to feature products of a certain brand such as Cole Haan.  A simple featured products rule of “cole haan” will drive the featured products block to display the Cole Haan products.  This is much simpler to maintain that the approach of your typical e-commerce platform of hard-wiring products into special featured products groups.

EasyAsk natural language rules can use any product attributes from the catalog such as creation date/time for a What’s New block and a Sale or Special flag for a On Special block.  EasyAsk can also use operational data such as sales data for a Top Sellers block.

Since these rules are executed dynamically, the system will find the right products to display based on the current information in the catalog and the visitor’s context (what they are searching on, what category they are in, what product they are looking at, etc.).

Natural language rules will dramatically increase the flexibility of your site and speed promotions.  Your merchandisers will save valuable time in pushing out new promotions, and they can focus on what they do best – promote products.  This drives more revenue and speeds time to market.

You can learn more about using special blocks with natural language rules and other customer conversion tips in our white paper Increasing Customer Conversion by Boosting Product Findability.

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