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EasyAsk® delivers powerful, easy-to-use software for information discovery and analysis. Used by industry leaders globally, EasyAsk leverages its natural language query technology in two distinct solutions: EasyAsk Business Edition and EasyAsk eCommerce Edition:

  • EasyAsk Business Edition software delivers the benefits of BI to the masses. It can be used by virtually any authorized employee or user within the extended enterprise to easily access and analyze business intelligence information on demand.
  • EasyAsk eCommerce is the retail industry’s most intuitive Website search, navigation and merchandising software. It helps merchandisers to deliver immediate ROI through increased conversion rates, sales revenue and customer satisfaction.

EasyAsk is widely adopted by business users and consumers who use the business language they employ everyday to find pertinent information, regardless of the information source or location.

Founded in 1994 by Dr. Larry Harris, a computational linguistics professor and internationally recognized expert on database systems and computerized natural language. EasyAsk technology is used today by leading retailers, manufacturers, financial services institutions, government agencies and pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations around the globe.

EasyAsk Products

EasyAsk eCommerce Edition is an easy-to-use, powerful site search, navigation, and merchandising software solution that helps B2C and B2B companies boost revenue opportunities, drive customer loyalty, and strengthen relationships with customers. Sites that use EasyAsk have the highest conversion rates in the industry according to Nielsen NetRatings (graph). Through a combination of unique and powerful capabilities that come together in a single, easy-to-use application, EasyAsk gives merchandisers the direct control they need to showcase their products and increase sales.

EasyAsk Business Edition places the power and insight of business intelligence into the hands of the operational business user, customer, or partner. By leveraging existing BI investments and exposing existing reports, EasyAsk Business Edition delivers greater value from traditional BI investments while extending critical ad hoc reporting capabilities to casual users via a ‘search box’ user interface. With EasyAsk Business Edition, operational staff get the insight that they need to maximize business potential; all without the need to understand the underlying data structure or the necessity to learn a complex BI reporting tool.

EasyAsk for ISVs enables forward-thinking developers of data-intensive applications to gain a competitive advantage through advanced data search and ad hoc reporting capabilities. With EasyAsk for ISVs, leading software developers serving human resources, medical records, ERP, knowledge management, and many other sectors are enabling their customers to maximize their ability to act upon the data created and stored within their applications – delivering greater value and ROI.

EasyAsk Technology

EasyAsk® products combine ease of use and high performance to deliver the right information on demand. EasyAsk offers the industry’s most advanced natural language data search and query technology to ensure users get the results they are looking for.

Like a lot of search engines that exist today, EasyAsk allows users to search for information by typing in keywords or phrases. However, unlike typical search engines, EasyAsk does not depend on inefficient and inaccurate text matching. Consequently, it does not return a laundry list of every document or product that contains words that were used in the search. Instead, EasyAsk intelligently interprets a user’s question, employing advanced linguistic technologies understanding and domain expertise derived from the data source being searched. EasyAsk then generates a more precise search query that extracts a far more accurate answer.