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CEO Blog: Cognitive Computing, Natural Language & AI: Game Changers

Most analysts agree that the next big thing in IT involves Natural Language Processing (NLP), semantic search. It’s a big thing because it will allow non-subject matter experts obtain answers to questions using only natural language to pose their queries.

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CEO Blog: Putting the ‘Cognitive’ in Cognitive Computing: NLQ

‘Cognitive’ is everywhere these days. IBM Watson is pushing the concepts of Cognitive Computing from cancer research to cooking recipes. VPAs (virtual personal assistants) are gaining acceptance and adoption. Just look at the explosion behind Amazon’s Alexa. Every technology show I attend has a few vendors now showing their Alexa interface and sometimes it even works. We’re all talking at boxes and we expect those boxes to understand. iPhones, Androids, PlayStations, TV remotes, HeySiri, OKGoogle, etc.

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Digital Commerce Personalization, Customer Loyalty and the ABC’s of Customer Retention

By 2020, smart personalization engines used to recognize customer intent will enable digital businesses to increase their profits by up to 15% – Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce

The concept of personalization is being thrown around in digital commerce circles a lot these days. It seems that every digital commerce site considers it essential in their go-forward strategy when considering ways to increase revenue from online shoppers. Additionally, if done well, the theory goes, personalization drives loyalty and loyalty drives return business. Read More


A Fisherman’s Tale

4 years ago, I found a new love of my life.

She was beautiful, a sleek, shiny 9ft Greys GX fly fishing rod. We had great plans, “GX” and me, long days out fishing followed by fresh trout dinners while we chatted about how we fought endless fish…

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If your application or website isn’t compatible with voice-enabled technology what are you waiting for?

Is your Organization ready for the second wave of virtual personal assistants and conversational interfaces? These voice-enabled technologies will exceed what is being used today in both intelligence and pervasiveness.

Amazon Echo and Google Home are here to stay – according to RedDrop over 24 million of these devices will be sold in 2017. At the beginning of the year there were only 8.5 million in use. Siri handles over a billion voice searches per week. On Android, 1 in 5 searches are voice driven. By 2020, 50% of all searches will be by voice.
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72% of Online Shoppers Prefer an Experience that Makes it Easy to Find What They Want.*

Implement better eCommerce Site Search and get some sleepWhy we worry about your eCommerce Site Search

eCommerce professionals lay in bed at night and wonder what they can do to increase conversions and boost revenue. After all, that is what they are chartered to do. But when they put on their work hat and go into the office in the morning, they also put on blinders. You see, many of these professionals forget that they are also shoppers. As they design their sites, they ignore their own experiences as online shoppers. Creating an experience that meets corporate objectives may be in direct conflict with their customers needs. Simply put – shoppers want to find and purchase what they want. A recent survey conducted by the Gartner Group showed that 72% of online shoppers prefer an experience that makes it easy to find what they want.* Read More


EasyAsk eCommerce is now an IBM Verified Business Partner Solution

EasyAsk is pleased to announce that is has attained certification as a verified business partner solution for IBM WebSphere Commerce. The verification process is proof of EasyAsk’s ability to be installed and run at a client site running on strategic IBM technologies. IBM performs a technical/marketing assessment of all nominated solutions to verify that the nominated IBM products are being used correctly.

EasyAsk provides intelligent, cognitive search for WebSphere Commerce, returning exactly the products shoppers are looking for and driving significantly more revenue.

EasyAsk is currently in production at Timberland and The North Face Europe, both V.F. Corporation brands.


How EasyAsk will Help you Drive 23-121% Higher eCommerce Revenues: Guaranteed

Smarter search that delivers the right products drives higher revenues. It’s proven, benchmarked and now, guaranteed. It’s also about delivering a shopping experience that delights your customers and encourages them to buy from you vs. your competition. results Read More


It’s that time of year – eCommerce holiday shopping trends, 2016 edition

Every year, eCommerce pundits share their predictions for the holiday shopping season.  As a whole, eCommerce sales continue to show remarkable growth, particularly exciting is the explosion of sales on mobile devices.

Here are some articles that are “must reads” to ensure that your website is maximized to take advantage of all this holiday season has to offer:

E-Commerce Sites Are Set to Hit a Major Milestone This Holiday Season (Fortune Magazine)

4 Predictions for 2016 Holiday Shopping Season (Practical eCommerce)

Deloitte Forecast: Retail Holiday Sales to Increase 3.6 to 4 Percent (17%-19% eCommerce Increase)

Fourth-Quarter Holiday Promotions that Drive Sales (good advice for eCommerce and brick & mortar)

Amazon’s Ingenious Scheme to Undermine Black Friday (A page from the Amazon 2015 playbook)

EasyAsk is your trusted advisor to get you ready for the holidays. When it comes to search, EasyAsk is going to drive more revenue. We guarantee it.


Search Laboratory: Rock ‘n’ Roll Lab Rats

Reprinted from our friends at Andertons Music Company, an EasyAsk customer in the U.K.

Originally posted on January 28th 2016 at 17:52 by from Andertons
Part of our “Behind the Scenes” series

No no no no no! Search Laboratory: Avoiding having to tell our customers this!

No no no no no! Search Laboratory: Avoiding having to tell our customers this!

Last month we wrote about making use of dedicated site search technology by EasyAsk to improve the experience for our online browsing community. We also manually optimise our site search to ensure it continually returns the best results for you.

Behemoths of search like Google & Bing are incredibly good at interpreting users’ questions. We figured that all we needed was billions of dollars and a crack team of – say – nine hundred people, and we too could build ourselves an infallible
search engine that could basically read peoples’ minds.

Unfortunately, the combined resources of the web team piggy bank and the sales office swear jar (someone has clearly been neglecting to pay their dues into that swear jar) only amounted to £4.60.

We needed a humanised process to continually keep our site search performing exceptionally. The Andertons Search Laboratory was born.

What is Search Lab?

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