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Quiri, Siri and Watson: Oh my!

Earlier this week, we introduced Quiri, the world’s first mobile, voice-enabled natural language solution for corporate data. It is the easiest interface you could ever give to your mobile workforce to find information from their applications when they are on the go.

Many may compare Quiri to Apple’s Siri and IBM’s Watson, the two other major natural language platforms on the market. And that begs the questions:

  • How do Quiri, Siri and Watson compare?
  • Do I need to choose one over the other two?

Quiri does provide Siri-like voice interface with natural language processing. But that is where the similarities end. Quiri is designed for mobile corporate applications, while Siri is focused on consumer command and control of your iPhone and certain network services (i.e. internet search).

Both Quiri and Watson provide a natural language interface and can work with your corporate data. But after this, the two offerings diverge. Watson is a large, complex solution, requiring a multi-million dollar investment, large scale analytics and a long deployment cycle. Quiri is affordably priced and can connect to your data and start answering questions in a matter of hours.

Please read our white paper, Quiri, Siri and Watson: A Comparison of the Three Major Natural Language Platforms. It will show you in more detail how Quiri, Siri and Watson stack up and answer your questions when comparing the three. Here’s a hint: you won’t have to choose between the three.

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John Morrell

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